Greener Drip Connectors

A reliable irrigation system depends on its most vulnerable component. Don't let subpar connectors compromise your system's performance. Choose Greener Drip Connectors for superior quality and reliability.

Product Details

Maximize your crop's potential and ensure a reliable irrigation system with Greener Drip's high-quality and easy-to-use Drip Tape Connectors. Designed to work seamlessly with our eco-friendly Drip Tape, these connectors provide a secure and watertight connection, optimizing your irrigation system and contributing to increased crop yields.

Choose Greener Drip's Drip Tape Connectors for an efficient, durable solution that supports your sustainable farming practices. Experience the difference of a well-connected and dependable irrigation system, designed to keep your crops thriving and your environmental impact minimal.


Constructed from sturdy materials, our connectors are built to last, providing a reliable and secure seal in even the most demanding conditions.


Our connectors are specifically designed to work seamlessly with Greener Drip's Drip Tape, ensuring the best possible performance of your irrigation system.

Options: 5/8", 7/8", 1", 1,3/8"

​Easy Installation

Featuring an intuitive design for fast tightening and effortless visibility, Greener Drip's Drip Tape Connectors are simple to install and adjust as needed.

Leak Prevention

​The seamless construction of our connectors significantly reduces the likelihood of leakage near fittings, ensuring optimal water distribution throughout your irrigation system.

Efficient Water Management

When paired with our eco-friendly Drip Tape, Greener Drip's Drip Tape Connectors contribute to precise and efficient water delivery, promoting water conservation and healthier crops.


Suitable for a wide range of crops, including vegetables, fruits, and field crops.

Ideal for both surface and subsurface irrigation systems.

Compatible with various soil types and topographies.

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